Grandmaster Wallace Taylor

Kwanjangnim - Owner

  7th Chung Do Kwan/TTC 

  6th Dan Kukkiwon


Dr.  Wallace Taylor, the founder and proprietor of the Tucker Taekwondo Center, has harnessed the best practices of Exercise Science and Martial Arts over a career spanning almost 20 years. With fluid expertise in Kinesiology and two Master Dan degrees in traditional Taekwondo, Dr. Taylor has vastly impacted a community of over 2000 students. Through fervent efforts in the fields of physical and nutritional education, Dr. Taylor has both propagated the practice of Taekwondo and kindled the practice of exercise nutrition in juxtaposition with sports and performance.


Some of the notable institutions to work in conjunction with Dr. Taylor are Georgia State University, DeKalb County Parks and Recreation, The University of West Georgia, and the YMCA.


Dr. Taylor’s academic acumen hosts a Bachelor’s Degree of Science with concentrations in Exercise Science and Taekwondo from Georgia State University, an Executive Masters of Business Administration from the Sorrel College of Business of Troy State University, a Masters of Internet Technology from the Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia, and a Doctorate of Business Administration from Georgia State’s Robinson College of Business. 

Origins: Master Dan Lineage of Tucker Taekwondo Center


Great Grandmaster Lin Ae Fong achieved in his lifetime to become the historical patriarch of the Sumo Kwon System of Taekwondo, and the position of Presidency for both the Korean Taekwondo and Japanese Karate Headquarters(in Korea). As a 10th Dan in Taekwondo, Grandmaster Fong gave rise to the legacy of countless martial artists.


 Among the hoards and cohorts of thousands of students was Grandmaster Kyu Young Ko – a 9th Dan in Taekwondo. It was after 15 years of instruction under the tutelage of Grandmaster Ko that Dr. Taylor received his first Master Dan in the SumoKwon System of Taekwondo in 2003.

 Engraved with both the seal of Great Grandmaster Fong and that of the original SumoKwon system, Dr. Taylor’s Master Dan bears proof of the 301st and final Master Degree awarded under the SumoKwon system.

With a firm footing in the proliferation of Taekwondo, Dr. Taylor sought guidance and sponsorship from Grandmaster Min Suk Song- a 9th Dan in Taekwondo.  Grandmaster Song shared in Dr. Taylor’s unique love of education and respect for schooling as was reflected in his own achievement of a Masters Degree in Polical Science and Law Degree from his native Korea. Through years of rigorous trials Grandmaster Song also found himself as the pivotal points for thousands of students and the host for many respected regional tournaments.


It was in 2009, six years after his first ascension to Master Dan, that Dr. Taylor received his 2nd Master Dan Degree from Kukkiwon.

February 08, 2011


Master Wallace Taylor meets Kukkiwon President Won Sik Kang at a dinner in his honor.


This event celebrated the promotion of traditional Kukkiwon Taekwondo into the United States. Many Georgia counties have procliamed February 8, Official Kukkiwon Day.




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